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Time is NOT Money, but something far more valuable!

Here are my reasons for why time is not money — it is far more important and costlier than money.

Bankrupt is reversible. Death isn’t.

A zero bank balance, outstanding bills, unpaid dues, and zero cash flow, even bankruptcy isn’t all that bad because it can be reversed. Sure it’s hard to do it, but very much possible.

Being old, with minimum physical movement, and unfulfilled commitments to your close friends and family members — neither that situation is reversible, nor it has any good in it. There is no hope there.

Race of Wealth vs Time to spend

As time goes along, you may be earning more money — promotions, investment returns, or simply fame. But you won’t earn enough time to spend that money. In the end, you perish and someone else inherits that wealth. This is the conundrum of wealth. Time is a non-renewable, ever depleting resource.


  1. Your time is valuable. Be greedy about it. Very greedy.
  2. If someone doesn’t value your time, then perhaps you should not value theirs.
  3. If someone just gave you their time — be genuinely grateful for it, respect it, and be responsible for it.
  4. Wealth has no value to us when we don’t exist. In our journey, a photo-finish is the ideal ending.

Thank you for your time. I sincerely appreciate it. ☺

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