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Parliament Disruptions and Its Solution!

Parliament disruptions are too common in India. It ranges from simple disagreements, to heated arguments, adjournments, walkouts, and this:

Unfortunately, most of us have seen the Parliament function less as a democratic institution – which is used to pass laws, make constitutional amendments, debate on public policy – and more of a ego playground for its elected members.

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”

The Winter Session and prior to that, the Monsoon session of the Indian Parliament were able to achieve practically nothing in 2015.

So who is responsible for this? Who is spewing their projectile vomit on the Parliament’s floor and making everyone run away from its stench?

Let’s look at the suspects:

1. Opposition Behaviour

CONGRESS! Whenever something is wrong in India – Congress is blamed for it!

Well if it is Congress, then it should be no surprise given that currently, Congress is sitting in the opposition in both houses of the Parliament.

But then, how did the BJP fare when it was in the Opposition? Lets look at some facts:

Data compiled by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, as well as a this wonderful analytical post clearly states that the record for the most time lost is during the 15th Lok Sabha where close to 40% of the total time was lost due to Interruptions & Adjournments. This was when the BJP was in the Opposition & the Congress was the ruling party.

Percentage of time lost during various Lok Sabhas - Parliament Disruption IndiaTime of actual sitting vs time lost in lok sabha - Parliament Disruption India

BJP is equally guilty of disruptions in the Parliament as the Congress is. So the party in power or the opposition does not have the solution to disruptions.

2. Concerns Over Allegations/Charges/Probes against MP’s

This one is easy.

For all these Political Issues (I’m sorry, I mean Corruption Cases), we have CBI, CAG,the Judiciary, Law Enforcement. If the members of Parliament want these bodies to do their job well – there is one way to do it.

Suggest and Construct strong laws, without loopholes. And where can this be achieved? IN THE PARLIAMENT!

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” (1)

Our MP’s are not smart enough to realize this important detail. So MP’s themselves do not have the solution to disruptions.

3. A Referee to the Proceedings

Let us see how the Referee of the Proceedings, the Speaker of the Parliament acts.

Dhritarashtra owns the title of the most spineless speaker of the house, but you get the picture from the above video. The Speaker of the house not only acts in a powerless fashion, but is often accused by the MP’s for not fulfilling their responsibilities. Here are two such examples.

So the speaker of the house is perhaps supposed to be a spineless person, without any authority or control over the proceedings of the Parliament. Is there an example of how the Speaker of the House is powerful?

I present to you – the House of Commons.

…an unwritten but sacrosanct convention ensures that the Speaker almost never uses the position’s authority to suspend or expel errant members, except when there is a consensus between the government and the opposition to do so – which of course rarely occurs.

Dr Shashi Tharoor

I hope I’ve made my case that the Indian Parliament needs a referee. I’d like to reach out to Speakers of the House with a very simple message:

We, the people of India, want you to take on these rude, disruptive MP’s to task. For the sake of people of India, for the sake of democracy – please do your job.

How about sending our message directly to them? Let me help you with it





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