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Journalists — Rebuild your wretched soul

Rajdeep Sardesai calls it the “Tyranny of Distance” — why unnatural rain in Delhi and Mumbai get disproportionate coverage, and problems smaller towns don’t get any. Neither is this an acceptable statement from a journalist, nor Chennai is a small town.

If only there was a MP, a business tycoon, or a movie star — people who we regard as first rate citizens — sitting on one of these rooftops. But they are not. They got away, just like they always have, leaving the common people to die, because they are not VIP’s.

Even still, it is amazing how the people who are hardest hit by the system, are the first ones to stand up to defend it. The Jawans of our country — they deserve our gratitude.

And journalists in the Indian media who have shown such apathy towards this disaster? Go back to school. Go learn journalism again. Perhaps in this day and age, journalists should take an oath of responsibility — just like doctors, and ministers do. But before you do that, just google the word “empathy”. It’s a good place to start building your wretched soul.

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