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New to the concept of a Budget? Read This

Full marks for intention. Really, give yourself a round of applause. You are about to take one of the most important steps in your life about making a budget – and guess what, it doesn’t cost money. All it requires is some discipline and a little motivation. I can’t help …

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Difference Between a NEED and a WANT

Perhaps the most important Principal of Budgeting is separating a NEED from a WANT. This is a problem which many people who start out to face because they can’t imagine their life without a particular expense – thus categorizing it as a NEED. But when push comes to shove, it is …

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Stick to your Budget (Don’t Give Up Just Yet)

Stick to your Budget - Don't Give Up

Just like anything in life – if you keep it simple, you’ll stick to it. Budgeting is no different. So for this post, let’s simply remove the notion from your mind that budgeting is a number crunching, mathematical intensive, too much time taking exercise, and let’s imagine it as so …

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Why having a budget is extremely important!

A budget is not meant to see if you have spent more money drinking and partying, instead of paying for your floor cleaners and groceries. The point of a budget is to Save some money by the end of the month. Ensure you are living within your means instead of …

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The Myths around having a Budget

5 Myths Around Budgeting

Financial Planning doesn’t come effortlessly to many individuals. I can share this because I was one of them. What is dangerous is that the lack of a planned budget will drive you off-base. It then becomes critical to know the contrast amongst reality and fiction, when planning through the dogma …

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