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BJP needs to be careful about the SILENT MAJORITY

A new breed of electorate has come up – the silent majority. These are people who secretly support the craziest guy in the political landscape. Donald Trump supporters were one of these people. Many of them were vocal, most of them were silent. They wished to give a big FU to the establishment and they did.

Arvind Kejriwal has that opportunity. Sure he acts crazy at times, but his supporters are starting to shift from a silent supporter to a silent majority. He won Delhi in an unprecedented fashion, despite every tactic in the book was used against him. There is support for him on the ground level. Modi will have the disadvantage of incumbancy.

As an interesting fact, after Arvind Kejriwal’s rant on demonetisation, his social media followers have grown organically by 640%. He knows how to use social media to his advantage. He is doing to the BJP exactly what BJP did to the Congress. BJP is trying to discredit Kejriwal with the usual “Pappu” algorithm they tried on Rahul Gandhi. Meme’s jokes, vines, WhatsApp – the goods. It won’t work on him. Social media can represent useful tools for setting agendas, but it’s largely about party politics and media, not about people’s agendas. Social media can strongly influence what politicians and journalists discuss, but people’s needs largely stand out of it. That is what Kejriwal is doing – he is staying popular and relevant – irrespective of how relevant or truthful his arguments are. Social media favours the bitty over the meaty. Kejriwal offers just that. BJP need to re-invent their attack. Not corruption, not performance driven, not slaps and black ink – something else.

Problem for BJP is that Kejriwal is an organically grown party and Modi is one serious blunder away from losing the next election. I predict AAP, thanks to the silent majority, will take Punjab. AAP has Lok Sabha seats so it’s not an unheard precedent. Kejriwal has time on his side. He is young, he can wait for 2 Lok Sabha Elections. But unless there is another force, a true credible opposition that stands to challenge Modi – we are stuck with the very plausible scenario of Kejriwal elected as a PM in our lifetime.

It is really a shame that Kejriwal is given credibility in this political landscape of this country because of the disappointment that the electorate has in performance of the public sector.

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