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Podcast with Perspectico

My good friend Nikhil, Co-founder and CEO of Perspectico, was very kind enough to invite me for his Podcast. Since I knew all the co-founders present, I had a great time interacting with them and sharing some insights about the challenges young startup face. Here is Part 1 of the …

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E-Book vs Printed Book

Of late, I’ve discussed this issue with a few friends to figure out which version of the book I should buy. It is the same question that crops up whenever I have a hardcover or a paperback book in my hand. “Why didn’t you read this on a Kindle? It’s …

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Book Cover vs Website Design

I have begun to see an uncanny resemblance between what a book cover means to a book, and what a website means for business. Your website is the personality of the business. Just like clothes are to a person. It elicits certain expectations. It introduces a tone, an attitude, even …

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Your Startup won’t go broke – you will!

(Originally written for YourStory) I have the distinct privilege (or misfortune – depending on your vantage point) of heading two failed startups. In my adventures, one of the key ingredients of a practising freelancer or founder of a startup is having runway money for the company. However, the common mistake …

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Marketing Insights from Great Minds


My collection of notes, in the form of Tweets, comes from multiple books, articles, and speeches. Some great Marketing Insights by Phillip Kotler, and other marketing authority figures. My Thoughts on Marketing

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[Calculator] Your Net Worth at Every Age

It is a shame that most Indian families, even today, are not aware of the basics of Personal Finance – a concept that has so much credibility, yet so little adaptation. Hence, they miss out on the exercise of calculating Net Worth, and their realistic retirement goals. But first, it …

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New to the concept of a Budget? Read This

Full marks for intention. Really, give yourself a round of applause. You are about to take one of the most important steps in your life about making a budget – and guess what, it doesn’t cost money. All it requires is some discipline and a little motivation. I can’t help …

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